Stimulin-D concentrate

Stimulin-D concentrate

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Opis Stimulin-D concentrate

Description: "Stimulin-D" - is a drug based on the extract of the poison-rove beetles (Paederus). It stimulates the defenses of the organism, improves the immune system (this has been proven by researchers). The therapeutic method, in which the effect on the reflex points, since the time of Hippocrates called "stimulus".Therefore, and it got its name.

It is used for a very wide range of diseases, therefore through neurohumoral effect, i.e. through the nervous system and by adjusting the hormonal balance in the body. This is done through a system of hypothalamus - pituitary gland. Hypothalamus - a special system, a kind of switch (switch) that receives an any nerve impulses from the internal organs of the receptors of the skin, hearing, sight. The pulses are transmitted to the cerebral cortex and other parts of the brain - the pituitary gland, which produces hormones control, that is, it controls the hormonal balance of the body.

Basic properties:

"Stimulin-D" - alcoholic extract from organic stimuli. In appearance it is a transparent liquid having the color of tea infusion, aromatic odor. Easily soluble in water, alcohol, ether, glycerin. Only applied topically and is a means of blister agents that causes through 2-4-6 formation days of redness (hyperemia) and limited pustular rash on the field of application (on the background of redness). Pustules, depending on the degree of sensitivity of the skin can sometimes merge and form a crust. In the next 5-7 days after its establishment, the contents partially absorbed or they peel off and is easy hyperpigmentation later disappear completely. The onset of redness and local pustular formations (against the background of erythema) often accompanied by a common short-term (1-3 days) the reaction of the organism in the form of sickness, weakness, low-grade temperature, and sometimes slightly painful, soon passing the increase in regional lymph glands, increase in the number of white blood cells and accelerate the reaction erythrocyte sedimentation. With the purpose of treatment "Stimulin-D" is used in the form of small cutaneous lubricating certain skin receptor zones. Depending on the nature of the disease the drug is applied to the healthy skin areas corresponding to zones Guesde patient's body, and at the points of greatest pain sensitivity of AR Kirichinskomu (symmetrically). Furthermore, in each case, they smeared skin crown at the junction sagittal and coronal sutures (prefontanel). Total disposable dosage the first treatment should not exceed 1-3 drops distributed in certain areas of the skin. It will be appreciated that the application of "Stimulin-D" is not indifferent to the body and can cause a sharp local and general reactions. Deposited on the skin with a glass rod portion drops "Stimulin-D" then triturated gently in a circular motion on a plot of 1-1.5 cm.

First lubrication is recommended in the reduced dose, perhaps a thin layer, preventing the build-up layers, localization and number of lubricated areas determined by the doctor depending on the type of disease. Skin diseases "Stimulin-D", as indicated by 40-60% alcohol diluted in the proportions 1: 3 (4, 5) and is applied within or healthy skin, as indicated by the affected (dry eczema). During the treatment of alcoholic beverages are prohibited.per course of treatment is usually applied to 5 lubricating intervals of 7-14 days. Duration of treatment may be repeated after 1-6 months, with the obligatory repetition of the general examination of the patient at the beginning and at the end of treatment. Hygienic toilet is allowed to carry out after the local reaction. Shampooing allowed approximately 9-10 days, bath - 12 days. Prior to this, do not touch the oiled sites. therapy "Stimulin-D" can only be used as a method of non-specific therapy with simultaneous application needed in this disease treatment. In the treatment of "Stimulin-D" is necessary to measure body temperature, the production of blood and urine tests weekly.

Indications for use:

  • Bronchial asthma.
  • Infectious nonspecific polyarthritis.
  • Chronic cholecystitis (not calculous).
  • Diseases of the peripheral nervous system: neuritis, polyneuritis, ishioradikulity, neuralgia, plexites, phantom pain.
  • As potentiating pharmacological effect of other therapeutic agents and desensitizing like in some forms of skin diseases (eczema, neurodermatitis, Alopecia areata, psoriasis, acne vulgaris, boils).
  • Bone tuberculosis (as one of the influences dedistroficheskoy therapy and to combat manifestations metatuberkuleznymi inactive period).
  • Deforming arthrosis.
  • Chronic inflammation of the appendages (adnexitis).
  • Sinusitis, frontal sinusitis.
  • Parenchymal keratitis, senile degeneration of the yellow spots.
  • Glossalgia (except due beriberi, anemia and mikrogalvanicheskimi currents due to the difference of potentials of metals making up the prosthesis), chronic aphthous stomatitis, arthritis temporal jaw-joint, periodontitis.

Composition: 70% alcohol, the extract venom beetles sinekrylov (lat. Paederus ).

Product form: alcoholic extract from organic stimuli vial with 5 ml.

Dosage and administration: Stimulin-D is applied according to instructions on the receptor skin area (within and algic gedovskih) depicted in Scheme circles, black circles, black circles and dashed line. Furthermore, in each case in order to enhance reflex action Stimulin-D is applied to the skin of the crown (see. Instructions).

Contraindications: All sharp, including infectious diseases, acute and chronic renal damage (nephrosis and nephritis). Contraindicated in patients with severe atherosclerosis, condition after stroke, heart attacks, frequent attacks of angina pectoris, circulatory failure, 2-A, 2-B. As well as pregnancy, breast-feeding, individual sensitivity to the drug.

Storage Conditions: stored in a dry and dark place inaccessible to children at a temperature of from 0 ° C to 18 ° C. Shelf life 5 years from date of manufacture.The drug is used with caution only under the supervision of a doctor, do not use after the expiration date printed on the package.

Manufacturer: made by order "of the Kiev Center fungoterapii, Bioregulation and Ayurveda", FOP Ilyinsky I.

"Stimulin-D" is allowed to release the pharmacological committee of the USSR Ministry of Health 23 / X-57 for the number 24/3542. Manual is based on the clinical testing of materials "Stimulin-D."

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