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Opis Visoluten 20

Description: the complex of polypeptide fractions isolated from eye tissue of young animals, which have a selective effect on cells of various ocular tissues and normalize metabolism therein.

Basic properties:  

Contribute to a comprehensive restoration of vision in diseases of various origins, including degenerative diseases of the retina, post-traumatic dystrophy of the cornea, for fatigue prevention and eye irritation after prolonged use with a computer and the action of unfavorable environmental factors, including manufacturing, at age names for optimization of eye functions.

Has a selective effect on the cells of the retina, the ciliary muscle and the conjunctiva, normalizing their function and metabolism, regulates the function of the visual analyzer.

Indications: Dietary supplement - an additional source of peptides.

To normalize the function of the visual analyzer and remove the spasm of accommodation. 
At the initial stages of glaucoma and cataracts, retinal angiopathy with diabetes and hypertension, degeneration and retinal detachment, optic nerve atrophy.

Composition: peptide complex A-11 (peptides eye tissues), microcrystalline cellulose (E460, the flowing agent), gelatin (means for encapsulation), lactose (excipient humectant), calcium stearate (E470, emulsifier).

Product form: capsules to 0.2 g in a package of 20 capsules.

Dosing and dose: 1-2 capsules 1-2 times a day with meals. Course duration of 10-30 days. It is advisable to repeat the course in 4-6 months. Before applying are encouraged to consult with a physician.

Contraindications: individual intolerance components, pregnancy, lactation.

Storage conditions: dry, protected from direct sunlight reach of children at a temperature of +2 to +25 degrees.

Producer:   "HBO LLC under RAS" company VITA "SM certified to ISO 22000: 2005 under the contract with" Harmony "197022, St. Petersburg, Kamennoostrovsky prospect, 37, Russian Federation.

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